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Issue #1 - October 2002

Welcome to the first issue of Naturopathic News. My goal with this newsletter is to provide information and tools for improving your health and well-being. Contained within you will find solutions to health problems and actions to take control of your health. 

Table of Contents for Issue #1.

  1. 10 Ways Not to be a Cold or Flu Victim
  2. How oncologists get paid
  3. Medical Terminology
  4. Slippery elm—Wonderful Herb for the Medicine Chest
  5. Q&A—How much Vitamin C should I take?
  6. Emerson Ecologics Ordering Program
  7. Submit a question or a joke.
  8. Gift Certificates
  9. Naturopathic Lecture Series

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1. 10 Ways Not to be a Cold or Flu Victim

First, it is helpful to understand exactly why we get sick. With the colder weather, we spend more time indoors with forced air heat. This dry heat dries out the mucous membranes lining the respiratory tract, nose, mouth and beyond into the lungs.

Diets are usually worse during the holiday season. Over consumption of dairy foods, sweets, and alcohol can promote the overproduction of mucous in the respiratory tract, which can support the growth of bacteria and viruses. In addition, our fast-paced lifestyles, even more hectic over the holidays, are not at all conducive to strong immune function.

  1. At the first sign of illness, slow down immediately and rest to prevent the illness from taking hold. It is better to stop activity in the short term rather than having your activity stop you.
  2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get 8 hours of sleep, relax often, eat moderately, drink plenty of pure water and decrease consumption of alcohol, coffee, and sugar. Sugar almost immediately decreases immune function.
  3. Viruses are often passed by touch. Wash your hands frequently and avoid shaking hands with those who are already sick.
  4. Eat very lightly at first sign of feeling badly in a non-specific way - it is especially useful to cut back to only fruits and vegetables. Follow your body's inclination. If you are hungry, eat more and if not, eat less.
  5. Make choices that promote strong immune function. A few examples include: switching from coffee to tea consumption which has antibacterial and antiviral action; eating garlic liberally, for its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal activity; and adding yogurt to your diet as it sets up a beneficial situation in the colon, helping to strengthen this underpinning of good health.
  6. Useful early homeopathic prevention includes the use of Oscillococcinum or Flu Solution products. Sometimes these homeopathic medicines can stop an illness in the early stages.
  7. As a prevention measure, take a good high potency multivitamin-mineral daily, with at least 1000 mg. vitamin C, 50,000 IU vitamin A (unless pregnant), 400 IU vitamin E, 15 mg. zinc and 25+ mg. of the B vitamins.
  8. Drink one quart of pure water (not distilled) for every 50 pounds of body weight. Avoid all other fluids, coffee, tea, and sodas.
  9. Take a long, hot bath with a teaspoon of added Eucalyptus or Thyme oil (unless you are taking homeopathic medicines). Towel-dry and then pop into bed for a deep rest.
  10. Use the wet sock treatment if you are already afflicted with fever or congestion. (If you don’t know how to do this powerful hydrotherapy treatment send me an email and I’ll send you a handout)


2. GP-Some of my patients have asked me why chemotherapy is recommended so strongly. This article suggests part of the answer. (inactive)
“Most revenues in single specialty oncology groups, usually about 68% to 72%, are for sales of chemotherapy drugs, says Thomas Barr, executive director of Texas Cancer Care in Arlington, Texas. In nearly all other specialties, most revenues are for physician services, Barr notes.”

3. Medical Terminology

Benign ................. What you be after you be eight.
Bacteria ............... Back door to cafeteria.
Cesarean Section  A neighborhood in Rome.
Catscan ................ Search for Kitty.
Cauterize .............. Made eye contact with her.
Colic .................. A sheep dog.
Coma ................... A punctuation mark.
D&C .................... Where Washington is.
Dilate ................. To live long.
Enema .................. Not a friend.
Fester ................. Quicker than someone else.


4. Slippery Elm Powder

Slippery elm powder comes from the bark of the slippery elm tree (Ulmus fulva). In powdered form (capsule or tablet is comparatively useless), this is a fluffy, off-white herb. It is useful in almost any deranged condition of the intestinal tract, from constipation to diarrhea. Through its inherent soothing, mucilaginous qualities it acts to heal the inner lining of the intestines. It is gentle enough for children yet effective enough to get the job done.

I recommend 1 tablespoon of the powder to be mixed in to 1 cup of water or caffeine free tea. Once stirred into solution and reaching a porridge-like consistency it is ready to consume. Carob powder may be added to improve the taste for children. Or it can be mixed into unsweetened applesauce. Up to 2-3 cups per day may be necessary for the desired effect. If there is no change after 7-10 days further assessment may be necessary to solve the problem.

I just got in a fresh batch. If you need any let me know.


5. Dosing Vitamin C

Vitamin C, defined as ascorbic acid, is available in many forms—chewable, powder, tablets, and more. Bowel tolerance is the standard dosing recommendation for Vitamin C when you are ill. This means that you continue to increase your Vit. C intake until you get an upset stomach or a loose stool. Then back off a bit. This is the dose your body can handle at this time. This amount may be anywhere from a few grams (1,000 mg=1 gram), up to 10, 15, 20 or more. For most individuals a regular buffered Vitamin C is sufficient to ensure tolerance. The more expensive forms have no independent research to back up their claims.

6. Emerson Ecologics

Many of you have been ordering you supplements and herbs through Emerson Ecologics. So you already know that this is a great way to get physician quality products at reasonable prices. Reference my name when you establish your account and receive a 10% discount on every order. Their customer service is excellent and they usually ship to our area in 2 days. If you would like more information on how to have the natural medicines you need delivered to your door, call or email me for further details.

7. Submit a Question or Joke

If you submit a question or joke that is published in the Newsletter, you will receive a 10% discount off your next office visit. So don’t be bashful. If you are a closet humorist or have a question you’d like to see answered, let me know. Please submit your offerings no later than the 20th of each month. (Limit to 1 discount in any six-month period).


8. Gift Certificates

Give the gift of health. If someone you know would benefit from naturopathic care, give them the gift of a mini-consultation. Three such consultations are offered.

Systems Overview 15 minutes $20
Wondering why you’re not feeling well lately? Don’t know what’s wrong but something feels out of balance? Do you have chronic low-grade symptoms that don’t fit a diagnosis? Get a Systems Overview with Dr. Gregory Pais, ND. After you fill out the Health Assessment form Dr. Pais will review the areas of concern. Learn what you can do to create wellness and feel better.

Supplement Review 20 minutes $25
Are you confused about the supplements or herbs you are taking? Not sure whether they are the right ones for you? Would you like expert guidance in choosing what works and what doesn’t?  Schedule a Supplement Review with Dr. Pais. Bring in all the products you are taking and he will help you decide what is appropriate for you.
Be a well-informed consumer.

Prescription Review $10/drug
Looking for information about the side effects of prescription medications? Are you concerned about the interactions of herbs or supplements with drugs? Do you want to know if there are safe, natural alternatives?

Make an appointment with Dr. Pais to review your prescription medications.  Be knowledgeable about the benefits and risks of the drugs you are taking.


9. Naturopathic Lecture Series

Every Tuesday evening from January through May I will be giving a 1.5-hour lecture at my office at 926 Washington Blvd. January’s topic is “The Truth About Fat”. February’s topic is “Heart Health”. Seating is limited so call 320-0747 to register. The attendance fee is $3.

That’s it for this month’s newsletter. I hope you learned a thing or two and got a smile out of it as well. Until next time, stay healthy.

Dr. Pais