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Home arrow Blog arrow SHAME ON YOU NEW JERSEY!
On Friday December 14 2007 New Jersey became the first state to propose required flu shots for preschoolers. Once again Fear is being used to curtail our health freedoms. What has happened to individual rights? If this ruling becomes law parents who don't want their kids vaccinated against their will can be arrested and prosecuted.

The New Jersey Public Health Council approved this requirement over the objections of parents' groups. Starting in September, all children attending preschool or licensed day care centers would have to get an annual flu shot.

The flu vaccine is one that is still being made and distributed for use with the preservative thimerosal-a mercury containing substance. Mercury is a well-known brain poison that has well-documented detrimental effects. And at what age is the brain developing the most? Why the very children who will be exposed to this deadly toxin.

There has been a preponderance of studies over the last decade that have linked autism and other developmental disorders to mercury. Yet the government continues to allow the use of these vaccines quoting other studies to support their position. Remember the first rule of understanding 'scientific' medical research. Follow the money. No corporation or government entity stands to gain financially from demonstrating a link between autism and mercury. Every study that has 'proved' the safety of these vaccines is poorly done and contaminated by industry conflict-of-interest. There's just too much money to be made. Especially when the federal or state government makes these vaccines mandatory. There's nothing like a captive audience to make a corporate eye glean.


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