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Home arrow Blog arrow HOW DUMB DO THEY THINK WE ARE?
The headlines are back. "Supplements kill you, you better watch out." Yet more scare tactics designed to drive you back to those safe, effective therapies-prescription drugs??

Headlines this week proclaimed that vitamin supplements can shorten your life span it's best to eat a 'healthy' diet. Of course, if a 'healthy diet' is what most Americans eat-processed foods filled with hormones, pesticides, herbicides, genetically engineered foods, artificial colorings, flavorings, and preservatives; that really doesn't work. This is the diet that's produced the current epidemics of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Let's look at the some of the 'science' behind the headlines.

815 vitamin studies were considered for this analysis. Only 67 studies were used. Of the 748 vitamin studies excluded from this report, 405 trials were removed because no deaths were reported. In other words, there was no increase in mortality from taking supplements in 405 studies. These were purposefully left out of the analysis group. What's the real reason for this exclusion? The results-NO MORTALITY-disprove the looked for conclusion, so they were left out. This is science?! This extreme bias is enough to totally ignore this whole study.

46 of the 67 studies that were included were done on sick people. These people, by definition of being sick, were more likely to have a shorter lifespan anyway. There were too many variables to determine if supplements had anything to do with it.

Vitamin A containing supplements were said to increase the risk of dying by 16%. The amount of Vit. A given to these nursing home subjects was 1,333 IU to 200,000 IU a day. I know of no educated practitioner that would give anyone a single dose of Vit. A equal to 200,000 IU. I could have told you this was a ridiculous dose 34 years ago.

Why do we see such patently absurd studies get so much press and attention? Because the drug companies need more of your money. God forbid you do something to improve your health without supporting Pfizer or Wyeth. This way you're too scared to do anything except take your drugs and eat your genetically modified high fructose corn syrup.

When I counsel my patients about nutrition many are surprised to hear that I pay much more attention to food than supplements. Supplements can play a very important role in affecting health. But it has to start with what you are eating, there's no way around it.


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