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Home arrow Blog arrow WHAT ABOUT CHEMOTHERAPY?
Journal Clinical Oncology December 2004
Periodically I get a phone call like the one I got last week. This one came from a past patient that I hadn't spoken to in a few years. He wanted to know if I treated cancer. I proceeded to tell him what I tell all who ask. The best way that I work with cancer patients is through nutritional guidance and support for chemotherapy side effects.

Regarding chemotherapy, many think that it is an unqualified success. However, when you look at the rare study that is done, the results are not so encouraging. The results of this study are very significant. They showed that chemotherapy has an average 5-year survival success rate of just over 2% for all cancers! 2%!! That's a failing grade no matter how oyu slant it.

Chemotherapy was most successful in treating testicular cancer (38%) and Hodgkin's disease (40%). These cancers have the best numbers yet 60-70% see no survival after 5 years. If you think maybe it's the US and other country's results are better, that's not the case. A review of chemotherapy on 5-year survival rates in Australia showed a 2.3% success rate compared to the U.S. 2.1% rate of success.

I often find myself explaining the general method of chemotherapy action. The destruction or poisoning of targeted cells in the body. Which, if they're cancer cells, is probably the effect you're looking for. Problem is, it is impossible to limit this effect to only cancer cells.. Hence the side effects of hair loss, mouth sores, stomach pain, etc. It takes a little more thought to understand the effect on energy. All this cell destruction requires a huge clean up effort by the body to process and eliminate what's left behind. Which strains the liver, stomach, kidney, and other organs.

If you think about it, trying to heal the body with physical doses of extremely toxic chemicals doesn't make much sense. Though this has been conventional medicine's answer to disease since the days of giving syphilis patients poisonous doses of Mercury.


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