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Issue #79 - April 2009






Welcome to this issue of Naturopathic News, issue #79. It's my mission to help you find optimal solutions to health problems. This newsletter is one way to do that. The more educated you are about your health options the better able you will be to take control of your health. If you would like to stop receiving my newsletter please send me an email and let me know. If you have a friend or family member who you think would appreciate the information provided, send me their email address.

Here are some pages that are of particular interest:

Store: There are 246 products from Emerson listed on this page. If yours isn’t one of them please let me know and I will add it so you can order online. This is particularly convenient after hours or on the weekend. Of course, you can always order by phone from Emerson at 800-654-4432.

Newsletter: Here you will find all 79 issues of my health newsletter, "Naturopathic News”.

Optimal Health Points: This is my blog that I update every week. Check out the entry for April 6 concerning how a New York County banned the chemical BPA in baby bottles.

It’s that time of year again. Stop by our farm in Steam Valley for the annual Spring tour. Watch all the gamboling kids and lambs. Check out the beautiful fiber available for sale and use it in your next knitting or weaving project.

The free tour is Saturday, May 9 runs from 10am-3pm.
Find directions to the farm at

Are you confused by the health claims you read on the internet or hear in the store? Do you think that you’re taking too many supplements but not the ‘right’ supplement for you? Do you never have the time to ask the important questions regarding yours or your family’s health?

Then the 2009 OPTIMAL HEALTH LECTURE SERIES is for you!

I am presenting an ongoing series of free health lectures at my Williamsport office on 3rd St., as well as other locations. The topic of these lectures is determined by the interests of you, my community of patients, families, and interested individuals. Each lecture will focus on a health issue that is important to you.

Below is a list of topics that you can pick from. If there is another subject that you’d like to have me speak on, let me know. I’ll announce the schedule each month in this newsletter and in the calendar on my website (or you can email me after April 20). Just send me an email and let me know the health questions you want answered.

Do You Need The Flu Vaccine?

How Does Homeopathy Work?

How To Stay Healthy With The Season

Healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Preventing Breast Cancer

If you’d like to organize a lecture for your work, your place of worship, or have an interested group of 5 or more, I’ll come to you. All you have to do is choose a health topic that is most important to your group and we’ll make it happen.

If you can’t make it to a scheduled lecture each will be recorded and available for later purchase.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2009!

RSVP for the “Homeopathy and Lyme Disease” lecture at the Bloomsburg Fire Hall Conference Room, 911 Market Street, Bloomsburg, PA at 7:30pm Tuesday, April 28, 2009. You enter through the front doors on Market Street. The conference room will hold 50 attendees.

One area that I am involving myself in as we go into the new year, is health care reform.
You’ve probably heard a variety of ideas mentioned regarding the reform of the US Health Care system—universal coverage, single payer, etc. Most of you pay out of pocket to utilize health care you need and value. This is the time to make your voice heard. I highly encourage you to contact your congressional representative, make an appointment to speak to him or her, and express your concerns regarding health care and coverage of traditional medicine (what is euphemistically called alternative medicine). Here is one resource to find your representative’s contact information:

If you do not want to voice your opinion directly, let me know what you think. And I will tell my representative. If we all act together we can create a health care system that meets our needs and expands our vision of what’s possible.

It just happened again the other day. A patient sent me a copy of the Vitamin D test she just had done. With frustrating results. The wrong test was done. After all these years, and all the information available, MDs and laboratories still order the wrong test. What a waste of money and time.

For the last 6 months I’ve been looking for a home Vitamin D test. One that would be simple, easy, and accurate to do on your own. I finally found one. ZRT Laboratory in Beaverton OR. ZRT emphasizes research and technological innovation.

Until now, venipuncture blood serum has been the standard medium for testing Vitamin D. ZRT has developed and refined Vitamin D testing in blood spots. A few drops of blood from a quick and nearly painless nick of the finger, placed on a filter paper to dry are all that is needed. The total 25 (OH) Vitamin D is then determined by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). This method has been shown to be as accurate as the assay standard.

Ordering A Vitamin D Test
ZRT allows anyone to order a Vitamin D test kit for $95 plus shipping and have it sent to their home. ZRT will let me prepay for kits and send them to my office for $55 each. I am charging $65 per kit for patients to cover my overhead and analysis of results.

If you are interested in getting a Vitamin D test done through my office please prepay so I can order you a kit. Then you can either pick it up at my office or have it shipped to your home. Once you’ve taken the sample and sent it back to ZRT it’s only a matter of time before your results are sent back to me. I can even look at them online before the mail arrives.

If your doctor has refused to order a Vitamin D test or worse, ordered the wrong one, this is the fastest, least expensive, most accurate way to do it ourselves. Once we know what your Vitamin D levels are, the next step is making sure that you achieve optimum levels for prevention of disease and maintenance of health.

When the first dose of diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus (DPT) vaccine is delayed by more than 2 months childhood asthma is reduced by 50%. This according to the results of a retrospective longitudinal study reported in the March 2009 issue of the Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology.

The investigators analyzed data from the complete vaccination and healthcare records of a group of children born in Manitoba Canada in 1995, from birth until age 7 years. Using statistical techniques, they computed the adjusted odds for asthma at age 7 years according to the timing of DPT vaccination.

Of children born in Manitoba in 1995, 11,531 children (82.6%) had received at least 4 doses of DPT and were included in this study. Children with asthma were predominantly boys (3:2) and lived in urban areas (70.3%); 25% were from low-income homes; and 10.1% had mothers with a history of asthma.

Among 11,531 children who received at least 4 doses of DPT, the risk for asthma was halved in children in whom administration of the first dose of DPT was delayed by more than 2 months. For children with delays in administration of all 3 doses, the likelihood of asthma was 0.39, a decrease of 60%. Asthma prevalence rates decreased successively from 13.8% to 5.9% with each month delay in DPT administration.

"We found a negative association between delay in administration of the first dose of whole-cell DPT immunization in childhood and the development of asthma; the association was greater with delays in all of the first 3 doses," the study authors write.”

Early childhood vaccinations can promote development of asthma, directly by stimulating an immune response or indirectly by decreasing immune competency. This is supported by the observance that an IgE response (allergic) to vaccine antigens often occurs in children vaccinated with diphtheria/tetanus, and this response is more pronounced among individuals with atopy (tendency to asthma). Previous studies have lined DPT vaccinations to childhood asthma.
J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2008;121:626-631.

DR. PAIS’S COMMENTS: This is a dramatically clear representation of one set of dangers inherent in the DPT vaccination. A well-done scientific study such as this is not easily refuted. As the science is not in doubt, the fallback response is to say that more study is needed.

As a homeopath this research is not surprising. In fact, it’s confirmatory. Providing numbers to the idea that suppressing the body’s immune response leads to further illness and disease. The next time you have a discussion about the DPT vaccine ask about this result. Is it acceptable? Were you informed of this risk?

The Japanese delay many of the vaccinations that we do before 12 months of age to 2 years or later. This research is another demonstration of the benefit to that approach. Why can’t we do that in the US? At the least, to reduce the incidence of childhood asthma (which is at epidemic levels), delay the DPT vaccination.

Residues of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide found in genetically modified (GM) food and feed can cause cell damage and even death, even at very low levels. The authors of a study on the subject say their research "... points to undesirable effects which are currently masked or hidden from scientific scrutiny."

Roundup herbicides are among the most commonly used in the world, especially on GM crops that are engineered to be Roundup resistant. Their residues are among the major pollutants, and they are authorized as residues contaminating GM foods and feed at the tested levels.

The researchers studied toxicity mechanisms of four different Roundup formulations in human cells. The formulations were diluted at minimal doses (up to 100,000 times or more), but they still caused cell death within a few hours. The researchers also noted membrane and DNA damages, and found the formulations inhibit cell respiration.
Chemical Research in Toxicology January 2009;22(1):97-105
Organic Consumers Association January 5, 2009

Roundup Ready corn, soybean, and cotton crops are the world’s largest group of genetically modified crops. The GM Roundup Ready gene is part of more than 75% of soybeans, 65% of cotton, and 10% of corn grown in the United States. Millions of pounds of Roundup are used every year on U.S. gardens, lawns, and farms. It works by inhibiting an enzyme called EPSP synthase, which is necessary for plants to grow. Without it, plants are unable to produce essential proteins so they slowly yellow and die. The GM Roundup Ready crops, however, produce an enzyme that has the same function as EPSP synthase, but is not affected by Roundup.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in RoundUp. Which is the most commonly-reported cause of pesticide illness among landscape maintenance workers in California. The researchers discovered that the mixture of components used as Roundup adjuvants actually amplified the action of the glyphosate, making at least one of its metabolites even more toxic. The researchers wrote: “This work clearly confirms that the adjuvants in Roundup formulations are not inert. Moreover, the proprietary mixtures available on the market could cause cell damage and even death around residual levels to be expected, especially in food and feed derived from Roundup formulation-treated crops.”

DR. PAIS’S COMMENTS: The mad scientists at Monsanto are doing it again. Isn't Aspartame enough? The next time you hear Monsanto extolling the wonders of RoundUp remember this study. So much for this supposedly “environmentally friendly" pesticide. That’s an oxymoron if there ever was one.

As with many pesticides the inert ingredients are as toxic, if not more, than the active ones. Often, the combined action of the active and inactive ingredients is worse. Besides causing genetic damage glyphosphate kills fish, birds, insects, and the microbes that make up healthy soil.

If you’re eating GM foods, and you most assuredly are unless you’re buying organic, you’re probably consuming RoundUp residue. Too bad we can’t bill Monsanto for the chemical experiment they unleashed on us and our children. And you didn’t even have to sign a waiver.

I remember a chain called Burger Chef growing up. And my best friend and I spent a lot of time at a place called Steak & Shake during our high school years. But it’s been 38 years since I ate at a fast food (FF) emporium. And neither of my sons ever asked us to take them to one. They never ate at one until their high school soccer teams stopped there late at night on the way back from away games. They weren’t deprived. They didn’t suffer from any cultural lapses. To me it was a badge of honor. That we resisted the destruction of real food. That we ignored the siren calls of cheapness and speed. We brought our own; home grown, made from scratch, organic, no Monsanto ingredients, denying a place for genetically created, irradiated, chemically poisoned, hormonally deranged ‘food’ in our diet.

Yet this stuff is ubiquitous. FF is sold in schools, stadiums, zoos, malls, gas stations, and hospital cafeterias (how can any institution purporting to be concerned about health allow this garbage to be served to patients?). This has all happened since my high school days. In 1970 Americans spent $6 billion on FF. In 2001 they spent more than $110 billion. Americans spend more money on Franken Food than on higher education, personal computers, or new cars. They spend more on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and recorded music—combined.

I look at FF as a commodity and as metaphor. Corporate control has been allowed to take over our most basic need—food. What a great captive market. Everybody has to eat, right? Quality, health, and economy are sacrificed at the altar of money. Certainly not having it “My Way”. I didn’t ask for beef from factory farms where the cows/pigs, chickens are confined to tiny boxes, fed hormones and antibiotics and (sometimes their own) to keep them alive just long enough to be slaughtered before they die of disease. I didn’t ask for fried entrees full of trans fats and too much salt. Nobody consulted me to see if I was happy to drinks shakes—can’t call them milkshakes because there is no milk in them. Or consume high fructose corn syrup in practically every item sold.

The metaphor? Take your pick. What kind of society has to have Fast Food? Where speed is king? Order it fast, eat it fast, and it will kill you slowly. You have a chaotic life where there’s no time to eat, you’ll pick something up on the way to work or school. This starts so young. It’s a big treat for the kids to have this. They get prizes or associate it with their favorite movie or cartoon character. Why do we allow businesses to market our kids so massively? What does it say that we accept this as a part of modern life? It’s no mistake that Franken Food targets kids so heavily. If you get the child, they’ll coerce the parent.

So the next time you stop at your favorite FF joint take a moment to look at the decision behind it. Are you really looking at the true cost in terms of health? Does it really taste that good to you? What would it take to be different? Eat some fresh fruit? Brown bag it instead? Really consider the choices you’re making?

Some good books to help out are “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, “Diet For A New America” by John Robbins, and “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan.

Bon Appetit!

I am often asked what supplements I recommend. Many of you have been surprised to discover that I favor food over pills; lifestyle changes over fads. I have been working with nutrition for over 30 years, herbs for over 20 years. Where and when appropriate I recommend them to my patients. I strive to act from knowledge, experience, and research.

Emerson Ecologics (800-654-4432) carries almost all of the nutritional supplements and botanical extracts that I think are useful. Their customer service is excellent and their delivery is reliable (often only 2-3 days to this region). It’s a great way to get physician quality products at reasonable prices.

To offset the cost of shipping, reference my name when you establish your account and receive a 10% discount on every order. If you have any questions about these items feel free to email me.

That’s it for this issue of Naturopathic News. If you’ve thought a bit extra or learned something new, then I achieved my goal. As usual, if you have questions or concerns brought up by these subjects, let me know.

Gregory Pais, ND, DHANP
580 E. 3rd. St.
Williamsport  PA  17701
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