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Home arrow Blog arrow DEPRESSION AND VITAMIN D
Aug 2009 issue of Applied Nursing Research 
This small trial found that taking vitamin D supplements may help prevent depression. C. D. Shipowick  of Washington State University in Richland, Washington and colleagues reported that women who took vitamin D supplements experienced a decline in depression scores on standardized testing. Other studies have already shown that vitamin D supplementation may decrease depression symptoms during the winter months.

In this trial, the researchers gave nine women whose serum vitamin D was below 40 ng/mL vitamin D3 supplements.  Six women completed the trial and had their serum vitamin D levels tested again after the study. Vitamin D supplementation not only raised the serum levels vitamin D in the study subjects by an average of 27 ng/mL, but also reduced the depression scores by an average of 10 points.

The researchers wrote “this study suggests that supplemental vitamin D3 reduces depression symptoms.”

Many people talk about feeling more depressed in the winter, especially in areas of less sunshine like north central PA. When there’s less sunshine there’s less opportunity for your body to make Vitamin D, leading to deficiency. So it’s reasonable to look at the connection between Vitamin D levels and depression.

Dr. John Cannell, director of the Vitamin D Council, says "If you suffer from depression, get your 25(OH)D level checked and, if it is lower than 35 ng/mL (87 nM/L), you are vitamin D deficient and should begin treatment."


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