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GMO Free Living--Go GMO Free
GMO Free Living--Go GMO Free
Wednesday,  April 10, 2013
6:00-7:30 pm
James V. Brown Library
19 East Fourth St.
Williamsport  PA  17701 
What are genetically modified organisms (GMO) and why should you avoid them? Do you want food from a test tube? Do you think it's your right to know what's in the food you're eating? Discover why you want to go GMO free for yourself and your family. Find out how to do this in the simplest way possible.
You might remember Prop 37, California's Right To Know Labeling Initiative. This bill would have labeled any GMO food sold in California. Food corporations spent $46 million dollars to prevent our right to know. If GMOs are as safe as they claim why don't they want us to know which foods we eat have GMO ingredients?
Come to this free lecture ---- to learn what GMOs are, how to avoid them, and how this will help you be healthier. Dr. Gregory Pais shares his 39 years of nutritional experience to help you become GMO free. Make a difference in yours and your family's health.