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Dr. Gregory Pais, ND
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Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a scientific system of natural medicine that treats the whole person on the mental, emotional, and physical level. It addresses the core imbalance behind the symptoms that manifest.  

For 200 years homeopathic medicine has successfully treated epidemics, chronic disease and acutes. When used properly it is safe for everyone from the pregnant mom, or nursing baby to the elderly.

The practice of homeopathic medicine is based on The Law of Similars. This is the fundamental precept that what causes a set of symptoms can be cured by substances that produce similar symptoms.

How it Works

Each person manifests symptoms of the body, mind, and spirit when they are sick. Some of these symptoms are common to the particular sickness and some are unique to that person in their sickness. The symptom picture of the homeopathic remedy is matched to the symptom picture of the person, with particular attention paid to those unique symptoms. For the homeopathic remedy to be curative, the symptom picture of the remedy must be similar to the picture that the sick person shows.

A person does not become sick only in part. The whole becomes sick: body, mind, spirit. The body may show symptoms of disease, but the physical body is not the origin of the disease. The symptoms are the language by which we know illness and through which the curative homeopathic medicine is found.

Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic medicines are dilute extracts of natural substances-animal, vegetable, mineral. Through the process of potentization snake venoms, heavy metals, even inert materials become powerful therapeutics. Potentization extracts the innate healing dynamics of a substance and facilitates its effects on the energetic and material level. All together the best of both worlds—safe because they’re so dilute and powerful because of their energetic action.

Who Homeopathy is For?

Homeopathy is safe for infants, elderly, and even pregnant women. It is especially effective for chronic or recurrent conditions where conventional medicine fails or provides no help. If you’ve been told “there’s nothing wrong with you’, or, ‘there’s nothing that can be done”, it’s time to consider homeopathy. It effectively addresses physical ailments as well as emotional disturbances and behavioral problems.

Homeopathy works well for acute illnesses like the flu, hives, bronchitis, poison ivy, and shingles.  It’s great first aid care for car accidents, falls, bruises, fractures, and insect bites. Chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, digestive problems, migraines, headaches, inflammatory bowel conditions, arthritis, allergies, psoriasis, and hormonal problems respond curatively to the correct homeopathic medicine.

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