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Many people are surprised when I tell them that almost all decaffeinated beverages still have caffeine in them. This subject usually comes up while discussing obstacles in homeopathic care. I have found in my 15 years of practice that caffeine can antidote or negate the effects of a homeopathic remedy. One of the clearest instances of this occurring happened many years ago when I was practicing in Fort Collins, CO. One of my patients who had been responding very well to their homeopathic remedy reported that their symptoms were returning with a vengeance. After playing medical detective we found out that she had eaten some coffee ice cream at about the same time that her symptoms started to worsen. With a restriction on future coffee ice cream consumption and a redose of her remedy she was back on track getting better.Then of course there are the folks that I work with who have anxiety and heart palpitations. A combination of symptoms that can easily be treated homeopathically. Often they consume caffeine in several decaffeinated forms-soda, tea, coffee, etc. Which is similar to hitting your hand with a hammer over and over and going to the doctor for treatment of a sore hand-as opposed to just stopping the decaff.
A recent study from the University of Florida showed the amount of caffeine in decaffeinated coffee could be up to 20%. These results have significant implications for anyone with high blood pressure, kidney disease, anxiety and panic disorders, as well as other medical conditions. Even moderate levels of caffeine can increase the heart rate, raise blood pressure, and increase agitation.

The important point to take home from all this is that decaffeinated does not equal caffeine free. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.

Source: October 2006 Journal of Analytical Toxicology


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