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Dr. Gregory Pais, ND
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My friend and colleague Dr. Susan Beal, likes to describe the cadence and rhythm of the action of a homeopathic remedy and the response of the animal taking it. The other day in the office I was struck by an aspect of this process while discussing dosing frequency with a patient.

In conventional medicine and a lot of alternative medicine as well (with some notable exceptions) the more a substance is given, the more action that is expected. It is quite common for the therapeutic dose of a particular medicine to exceed the amount that causes unwanted side effects. With prescription and over the counter drugs these side effects are often significant, less so or nonexistent for supplements or herbs. The shared belief is that the more you take, the more the medicine will do. This is true for the amount of the substance as well as for the number of times it is taken. Leaving aside for the moment the concept of ‘half life’ of medicines, it is expected that the medicinal action will cease or decrease when you stop or decrease the dose.

As with many aspects of homeopathy, this concept from drug dosing can only be applied superficially, if at all. Yes, in some manner or form, you need to take the homeopathic medicine. Orally, applied to the skin, dry or liquid form, by olfaction—the remedy must be introduced to your system. Here the familiarity ends. We move from the physics of Newton to the physics of Einstein.

Music can help us understand the process when a remedy is given. Once a string is plucked (remedy given) the sound continues on (effect is propagated). You can feel this sound (respond to the dose) if you pay attention or are sensitive. A complementary string will vibrate (resonate) with the one plucked. When you take a dose of the correct homeopathic remedy you will feel its effects. We’re looking for change on any level that you can perceive—physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

However, this resonance is not necessarily a one-to-one relationship. There will be a harmonious state where the remedy dosed and your response is in sync. This may work out to daily dosing, once a week dosing, 3 times per day dosing, or some other rhythm. If you dose too soon your response and the remedy effect is out of sync and there is disharmony. Dose at the correct moment and you will have an ongoing positive response. Dose at too long an interval and your state has fallen back out of tune too far before the next dose is taken. This is where the Art of homeopathy comes into play. Knowing what potency to give (force of plucked string) and the sensitivity of the patient (repetition of the dose) must be individualized in every case. Some music depends on the silence between measures to create the desired effect. The spaces in between each dose create the opportunity for the Vital Force to respond in a healing way. Each patient (and their state of disease) requires a certain cadence of dosing for cure to take place.

How can healing be taking place if you’re not taking your remedy? Homeopathic medicines act in one moment like a particle—individual doses—and in other moments as a waveform—response of the patient. At the potencies I use most often there is no longer a physical substance present. The energetic signature of the original substance remains. As energy can neither be created nor destroyed you will respond to each dose of your homeopathic remedy for as long as a resonance is present. As that ebbs, symptoms assert themselves and it’s time for the next dose.

It is this attention to detail and focus on the individual that makes good homeopathic treatment so powerful and at the same time so benign. If symptoms get stirred up change the frequency of dosing or the manner of dosing to better match the patient’s sensitivity. Potency may change as the severity of symptoms transforms. Giving your Vital Force a chance to respond to each dose before the next one is given ensures the progression of the healing response and ultimately the restoration of health.


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