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Home arrow Blog arrow HOMEOPATHY: NEW SYMPTOMS

In the course of working together homeopathically, many of you have heard me ask the question, "Have there been any new symptoms?" There are a number of reasons why I ask this question. First, it's part of the process of understanding what symptoms are and where they come from. Many individuals have a difficult time relaying their symptoms. No one has ever asked them to describe their pain, or to characterize their experience of depression. As I practice homeopathy I am interested in what has happened since the last contact. Not just the chief complaint, but also other aspects of the person's health as a whole.

Then there's the onset of new symptoms immediately or soon after taking a remedy. If these 'cold' symptoms, discharges, rashes, etc., are unlike anything the person has experienced before, it may be what my colleague Dr. Luc de Schepper calls a 'natural healing crisis'. This natural healing crisis is part of the Vital Force's response to the action of the correct homeopathic remedy. While the person is beginning to heal on a deeper level there is an externalization of minor symptoms. The same homeopathic remedy, applied appropriately, is all that is necessary.

Now you know why 2 of the most common questions at your homeopathic follow-up are "Have any old symptoms returned?" (see last month's newsletter), and "Are there any new symptoms?" To reiterate, we must pay attention to what the body tells us and understand the response of the Vital Force. Having this information facilitates homeopathic case management in several ways-dosing frequency, potency, and remedy selection. One of the reasons why homeopathy is such a powerful healing modality is that we're interested in what your body is trying to communicate. Not just the numbers on your laboratory test or the diagnostic codes on your insurance form.


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